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Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is a celebration of deceased relatives traditionally held in a cemetery. The mood is not the dark and sombre feeling one has when a relative or friend is buried; it is a festive occasion celebrating the promise of the resurrection.

Australia's first celebration of Dia de Los Muertos planned for Sunday 30 October 2016 at South Brisbane Cemetery, Dutton Park has again been postponed due to failure to secure a flagship sponsor. Planning for 2017 has begun. Click here for more information.

The equality of death that comes to all regardless of social status or riches is also celebrated in irreverence to authority and finery through the characters of Caterina and Carlos, two skeletal figures that dress up and dance as if at a wedding.

General Information

The traditions and history of Dia de los Muertos date back to pre-Columbian central and south America and came about through the collision and fusion of indigenous and Christian beliefs. Click on the icon to learn more about the history and traditions of Dia de los Muertos.

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South Brisbane Cemetery

South Brisbane Cemetery is one of of Queensland's oldest cemeteries. It has a calm beauty despite its busy surroundings. The "Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery" and other organisations are involved in the maintenance.

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Music and dance are an important part of the festivities. If you would like to nominate an appropriate act, be it a local school orchestra, Latin American dance, burlesque, or funeral music please make your thoughts known !

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Hearse Competition

There are many car competitions on the car enthusiast calendar but few for commercial vehicles. This is a pity as hearses are well built and well kept passenger vehicles often in far better condition than their contemporaries. If you know someone that owns a hearse, here is their opportunity to gain recognition for their care of these historic vehicles.

Skeleton at the wheel.

Skull Art Competition

An important part of the Day of the Dead celebrations is skull art. Sometimes Dia de los Muertos is called "the day of the skull". Sculptures made of paper mache, ceramics, glass, crystal and wood as well as two dimensional artworks will be judged in various categories.

Skull Art

Stall Holders

Opportunities for stallholders include food stalls, information stalls and merchandise. Do you have a product that would resonate in a unique environment ? Do you make or sell skull themed handicrafts ? Are you in the funeral industry ? Do you wish to disseminate information to the community ? Applications for stallholders close soon so contact us with your proposal and we'll guide you through the stallholder process.


Getting there

South Brisbane Cemetery is on the Annerly Road just west of Dutton Park Railway Station. There are lots of public transport options.

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Get Involved

We are seeking entertainers, actors, musicians and volunteers to be involved in the organisation and execution of the event. Are you a local historian that can guide visitors through the cemetery ? Would you like to be on the entertainment program ? Please contact us to discuss your proposal.


Call for Sponsors

Sponsors to donate prizes are sought as gold, silver and bronze sponsors. Your products could be much appreciated prizes in different categories. Sponsors can have input in competition rules and judging.


Family friendly event

This is a family friendly event. Please don't bring tobacco or alcohol with you. All activities are subject to Queensland laws relating to Cemeteries and Crown Lands. It is a condition of entry you pay proper respect to all others on site, living or dead. Skateboards and ball games are prohibited.

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